Olkhon island is a heart of Lake Baikal located 300 km from Irkutsk. One of the must-see places.

3 Days

personal car/minivan, ferry/boat/hovercraft, russian military minivan UAZ.

Tour program:

Day 1 – Road to Olkhon island

Departure from Irkutsk to Olkhon island (300 km). Our road will go through highway (4 hours).


During this time you can have a nap in a car, listen to the guide, enjoy the scenery (forest, steppe, villages). 
We will also have a stop for breakfast at a road café of Buryat cuisine.

You will have a chance to: try cuisine of native people The Buryats

We will cross the straight Olkhon Gate by ferry and reach Olkhon island. On the island side another car will meet us and deliver to Khuzhir village.


After check in hotel and dinner we can walk around the village and meet sunset near the most popular Baikal attraction – Shamanka Rock.

Day 2 - North Olkhon Tour (5-6 hours. 40 km one way)

The main excursion on Olkhon Island! We call it “Journey to the end of the world”.


You’ll see:

  • All types of landscapes: sandy beaches, taiga forest, steppe, bays, mountains, marble rocks.
  • The most beautiful places of Olkhon island –Sagan-Khushun Cape, Northern point of the island — Cape Khoboy
  • «Peschanka» (In soviet times one of the prison of the famous GULAG was located here)
  • Small islands of the straight «Small Sea»
  • 300 degrees panorama of the lake and its widest 72 km part.


You will have a chance to: 

  • Take great pictures and enjoy the view during several stops
  • Have lunch on the coast (included in price) — delicious fish soup
  • Enjoy amazing and breathtaking nature
  • Try the pride of Russian Mechanic engineering – UAZ-jeep (quite uncomfortable but very effective car). This is the only car which can handle the roads on Olkhon island.

Day 3 – Road back to Irkutsk

After breakfast we will depart from Olkhon to Irkutsk. The road will take about 5 hours. On our way will have several stops for short rest from the road and taking some pictures and stop for lunch in a road café of local cuisine.

Tour program (winter option):

Winter tour to Olkhon island is available in February and March. That time of a year the lake is totaly frozen and you can enjoy the most incredible landscapes in the world.

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