3-6 hours

personal car/minivan, bus, taxi or walking tour.

Tour program:

We invite you for city tour to get to know more about life in Russia. Together we will discuss stereotypes about Russia and Russian people to find out which of them are truth and which are not.

Irkutsk is an old Siberian city.

If you think Siberia is a dark frozen wild place you are half right. In deed 6 months per year this area is really frozen (from November till April the air temperature is from -5 C to -35 C).

But it is not dark at all! Irkutsk is one of the sunniest places on the planet (we have 318 (!) days of bright sun shining during the year)

Some people believe that Siberia is a place with bears walking alone the roads. But bears dont walking along the roads! It is imposable! Because we have no roads!!! (Russian joke about roads quality in Russia)

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