Peschanaya Bay ("Sandy" Bay)

“Peschanya” Bay is an amazing sandy bay on the western shore of Lake Baikal.
Its second name is “Baikal Riviera”. There are no roads to this place which make it hidden from crowds of people. It is calm piece of Paradise in Siberia.

12 hour

speed-boat, walking and trekking/hovercraft in winter

Tour program:

Departure from Listvyanka to “Peschanya” Bay by speed-boat.

Water trip will take about 2 hours.

  • Walking trip to «Babushka Bay», «Vnuchka Bay» and Big Bell Tower Rock (2,5 hours).

    You’ll see:

    • Panoramic view from Big Bell Tower Rock
    • Sea-blue water
    • Sandy beaches
    • «Dancing» or «Walking» trees
  • Picnic on the lake coast

  • Walking trip to Observation Rock (2,5 hours)

    You’ll see:

    • Absolutely amazing panoramic view of Lake Baikal
    • Have a forest trekking to the top of a hill

Departure to Listvyanka settlement by speed-boat and then to Irkutsk by car

Tour program (winter option):

Departure from Listvyanka to “Peschanya” Bay by hovercraft

The whole day journey along the western shore of the lake. On our way we will make several stops in the most interesting and beautiful places (Circum-Baikal railroad, “Scriper” Mountain , Bolshoe Goloustnoye, Cormorant island, Peschanaya Bay).

We will see different ice forms (clear and transparent ice, cracks, ice hummocks, ice bubbles etc), mountains and sandy beaches.

You are always welcome with any questions, ideas or requests