«Seredina» Railway station

"Seredina" Railway station. It is a historical reconstruction of a train station right in the middle of a Railway track which was built over the Baikal Lkae ice 😱😱😱 at the beginning of 20th century. Yes.. Russians are so cool ...


Winter video of Lake Baikal

Winter Lake Baikal looks like nothing else in the world! There are is a proof below


Lake Baikal in September

Lake Baikal is beautiful the whole year round. Lets see what it looks like in September. I believe it is the best time of a year on the lake. Forest is so colorful and air is 100% transparent.


Tipping in Russia

Tipping in Russia …There is no tipping culture in Russia yet, so tipping in Russia can be confusing. I will give you several recommendations about tips…


All about russian girls

Russian girls (RG) are world famous for their beauty. But it is not their main and only feature. Let’s talk about RGs and the influence of Russian social environment on women. Of course RGs are very different and each one ...


Is Russia safe for travellers?

In brief: YES. Russia is a safe place for travellers.

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