Angara ice-breakerseason: all year round

The icebreaker “Angara” is the oldest ice-breaker in the world. It was produced in Newcastle (England) in 1899 and together with ice-breaker “Baikal” was supposed to break Baikal ice and transfer people from western shores of the lake to eastern. Why this idea failed and what happened to ice-breaker “Baikal” you will get to know during to excursion on Angara ice-breaker. It is a museum now and you can explore the whole ship even the engine room.

Art-Museumseason: all year round

If you are interested in art this is a right place for you. Irkutsk Art Museum is the oldest Russian art museum after the Hermitage Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery. It has the biggest art collection beyond the Ural mountains.

Decembrists Museumseason: all year round

If you are interested in Russian history especially its Empire time and history of first Russian revolutionists this museum is for you. The museum tells the history of first Russian uprising and its consequences such as Siberian exile and life of political prisoners in Siberia.

“Taltsy” museum (30 km from Irkutsk – on the way to Listvyanka)season: all year round

It is the unique open-air museum of Taltsy, where you will see how Siberia looked like in XVI-XIX centuries – all the way from conquest to Soviet times.

The exposition shows the collection of old-style wooden buildings, fortress, old school, villages and native people traditional houses. Here you will meet the culture  and feel the spirit of real Siberia of XVI-XIX.

Baikal museumseason: all year round

Unique museum about the most ancient lake in the world. You will see the beauty of the lake by your own eyes outside. But to get to know why it is unique and marvelous lake you definitely should visit this museum.

You will see:

  • Aquarium with Baikal seals and fishes
  • Laboratory with microscopes to explore Baikal sand and microorganisms
  • Expositions about history, unique flora and fauna of lake Baikal
  • Imitation of dive at the bottom of lake Baikal
  • You will get to know why Baikal is a world heritage site

Cable way to the “Chersky’s stone” viewpointseason: all year round

Enjoy breathtaking panoramic view from the “Chersky’stone” viewpoint. You won’t have to climb up to the hill (but if you want we canJ…it is 30 min walk)…just use cable way which carry you to the top.

You will see:

  • The widest river source in the world
  • World heritage — Lake Baikal from the top
  • Shaman Stone (underwater rock)
  • Mountains covered with snow
  • Take a great pictures of amazing nature
  • Enjoy beautiful scenery
  • Go up and down to the hill by cable way

Water trip along the lake shore with a stop near Circum-Baikal railway tunnelsseason: Middle of May-September

The best way to explore and enjoy lake Baikal is a water trip!

It is a short but very intense way to face with this great lake.

We will make a stop to walk along the most ambitious project of Russia Empire of XX  century- Circum-Baikal railway (railway which was built at the place inadaptable to build anything). Also, we will see mysterious underwater stone Shaman Stone in the middle of a source of Angara river from the distance of just 5 meters.

Sealarium (Listvyanka or Irkutsk)season: all year round

The only mammal of Lake Baikal is Baikal seals so called “nerpa” . It is the cutest animal in the world…with those huge wet eyes as cat from “Shrek” cartoon has. You can visit a performance of this smart seals in Lystvyanka settlement or Irkutsk city

You will see:

  • Trained Baikal seals
  • Seals playing instruments and drawing pictures
  • Seals dancing and doing exercises and many other things which we people even can not do.

Circum-Baikal railwayseason: all year round

The Circum-Baikal railway is a historic railway in the Irkutsk region, Russia, used to be a part of the legendary TRANS-Siberian railway, a unique monument of engineering, one of the beautiful  attractions of the region.

The Circum-Baikal railway is a unique open-air museum. The road and the territory around include not only numerous monuments of engineering art (tunnels and galleries, bridges and viaducts, retaining walls, monuments) but also a variety of monuments of nature — geology, mineralogy, zoology and biology.

The number of engineering structures: tunnels — 39 tunnels on the historical part of the Circum-Baikal, stone galleries — 16, concrete galleries — 3, bridges and viaducts — 248, retaining walls — 268, monuments — 172.

The construction of the TRANS-Siberian railway was one of the most ambitious projects of the Russian Empire of incomparable difficulty and speed of work.

  • Walk along the legendary railway
  • See 100 years old tunnels
  • Enjoy amazing view of lake Baikal

Ways to visit this spot:

Middle of May-September: train, speed-boat, ship

February-middle of April:  hovercraft

During winter season according to timetable in particular days: train

One day train journey alone The Circum-Baikal railwayMiddle of May-Middle of October, during winter season: according to timetable in particular days.

Route #1

Start at 7:45 from Irkutsk train station

A train goes along TRANS-Siberian railway for about 2.5 hours (not alone the shore of Lake Baikal).

Then historical part of the road starts (alone the coast line). A train follow Old Road for about 5-6 hours with 4-5 stops at the most beautiful places. Tourists have about 30 min-1 h to walk around during these stops.

A train arrives to Port Baikal station at about 5 pm. Tourists cross Angara river source by ferry and take a bus from Listvyanka to Irkutsk. A bus goes alone Baikal highway (70 km-1 h). Or they can stay for a night in Listvyanka village.

The route finishes in Irkutsk at about 9 pm.

Route #2

All the same but “mirror” route.

Start in Irkutsk by bus at about 7 am.

Back to Irkutsk by train at about 9 pm.

One day trip to Peschanaya BaySeason: June-September by speed-boat / February-March by hovercraft

One of the most beautiful place of lake Baikal. Peschanaya Bay is a visit card of  Lake Baikal and one of the most famous for its amazing sandy beaches, rocks, and sea-blue water.

  • Sea-blue water
  • Sandy beaches
  • “Dancing” or “Walking” trees
  • Absolutely amazing panoramic view of Lake Baikal
  • Climb up to the top of a hill covered with forest
  • Relaxing in the “Babushka Bay” (Grandmother Bay) and the “Vnuchka Bay” (Granddaughter Bay)
  • Panoramic view from Big Bell Tower Rock

Divingseason: all year round

Baikal is on top of a list of best places for diving in Russia.

If you are a diver you should differently dive at lake Baikal. It is very different from diving somewhere else. There are no hundreds of colorful fishes and alga or coral ledges. But there is something making people do it again and again…Diving at the most ancient lake in the world…it is mystery…

  • Dive with Baikal seals
  • Take unique pictures
  • Study the Baikal microworld
  • Dive in the  canyons and grottos, look for artefacts of railway crashes
  • Visibility: 10-45 m

Water temperature: +3 +8 C

Horse-ridingseason: all year round

Explore Siberian nature by horse-riding. You can become closer to the amazing Russian nature by riding around on these smart and kind animals.

  • For beginners: short lesson about horse riding and safety instructions, riding around the horse farm.
  • For experienced riders: riding a horse thought the forest, pictures meadows, and along the river coast.

The relief is mixed: several hills, flatland, several slopes and uphill climbing.

Blacksmith workshopseason: all year round

Learn the ancient art of working hot metal on the anvil! The ancient art of the blacksmith has changed very little for thousands of years and is still used by farriers today.

Come have fun and try your hand at the time-honored craft of blacksmith.

  • Create your own souvenir: horseshoe or Baikal fish
  • Individual attention to each participant

All materials and safety equipment included

Snowmobiles/ ATVs winter toursseason: December-March

A fascinating trip through the Siberian taiga (deep forest): pine meadows, sparkling snow, rivers and small streams or an extreme ice ride along Circum Baikal Railroad.

Depending on duration of a trip you also might have a stop for a picnic (tea with local Siberian herbs and secret recipe hot and tasty pies).

Duration – from 1-5 hours to several days expeditions along the lake Baikal shores or ice.

ATVs summer toursseason: June-October

Exploration of Lake Baikal shores becomes more exiting when you drive your own ATV. Off road routes goes through forest, steppe, swamps and rivers.

Hovercraft rideseason: February-May

A hovercraft, also known as an air-cushion vehicle or ACV, is a craft capable of traveling over land, water, mud, ice, and other surfaces.

On Lake Baikal it is used to travel over ice. It is safe and a lot of fun!

Trip to Khoboi cape (Nothern Tour)season: all year round

The main excursion on Olkhon Island! During only one trip you will see the most beautiful places of Olkhon island – Peschanka, Sagan-Khushun Cape, Northern point of the island — Cape Khoboy and many others.

You will see:

  • All kind of landscapes: sandy beaches, taiga forest, steppe, bays, mountains, marble rocks.
  • Several stops to take great pictures and enjoy the view.
  • Lunch on the cost (included in price)
  • Enjoy amazing and breathtaking nature
  • Try the pride of Russian Mechanic engineering – UAZ-jeep (quite uncomfortable but very effective car). This is the only car which can handle the roads on Olkhon island.

Water-trip to Ogoy islandJune-September

Ogoy island is uninhabited. In 2005 Buddhist stupa of Enlightenment was built there. Since that time it is a sacred place for Buddhists from all over the world.  People believe that if you go around the stupa three times and make a wish, it will come true.

But this place is interesting not only for Buddists or people who is interested in religion. It is amazingly beautiful place with the view on the straight Small Sea from one side and Olkhon island from another side.

You will see:

  • Sacred place
  • Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment

Panoramic view

Ethnographical excursion to Buryat villageseason: all year round

If you want  to learn something about Buryats, their traditions, folklore, arts and crafts, way of life and beliefs you should visit Butyat village on Olkhon island. You will taste national dishes, hear their songs and even take part in the “ehor” – special round dance.  There is also a unique open-air museum, and there will be a guide to explain everything and answer your questions.

You will see:

  • Native people (the Buryats)
  • Try traditional dishes
  • Short performance (Buryat songs, dances, national fight)
  • Take part in traditional dance – “ehor”
  • Traditional house – “Urta”

Do you have any questions?