Dear friends!

My name is Irina. I am a travel guide and tour-maker for Irkutsk and Lake Baikal (Russia).


A piece of life history…


I was working for oil industry for 7 years but every single day I seemed to get no satisfaction, that it is not what I really believe in and wanna do in my life although it was high position and good salary. So…one day I decided to change the situation and quit. I started to do something I believe in and interested in. I became a travel guide.


And there was no day when I felt regret.


But 7 years at Oil-refinery plant gave me a lot of skills and knowledge which I use now to do my job perfectly…to create best tours for my clients and provide best service.

I know from the first-hand what means to be a tourist

So…when you get long-awaited vacations to go abroad you really want to spend good time…with professional guide, with a lot of impressions and interesting experience, with well-planned time. I have first-hand knowledge about it…so I am trying to help my tourists spend a really good time here and do my best for them.

My team