Tipping in Russia

Tipping in Russia

…There is no tipping culture in Russia yet, so tipping in Russia can be confusing. I will give you several recommendations about tips…

When I started to write this article I read some other sources about this topic. And most of them are a bit weird. Authors give very strict recommendations about how much to tip and who expects tips.

But there is no tipping culture in Russia yet. Russians started to travel and got used to the idea of “tips” relatively recently.

All the people who are involved in the service industry get a salary. But in general salary rates in Russia are low. And it is a great idea to support local people by tipping! BUT! ONLY if you like the service!

If you are sincerely grateful and want to say thank you it is a great idea to tip. You won’t offend someone by tipping. But at the same time there are no rules about tipping…it is always optional.

Some recommendations about tipping.

Café or restaurant -10-15% of a bill. Tip directly or leave on the table. You can pay for your dinner by credit card but tips are cash only.

Taxi driver —  5-10%. I never tip taxi drivers)) I think taxi prices are already too high. But drivers have the opposite opinion)) You can round up the fare.

Guide and driver of a tour bus — Tip directly. You can tip if you are really impressed with a guide, if he/she was helpful. The same with a driver. If he helps with a luggage, driving style is careful and safe – you can tip.

Beauty services. Normally we don’t tip. But if you want to, you can tip.

Hotel receptionist. Why not?) If he/she helped with some “special service” or solved some other problem, you can tip. If you want.

Doctors – of course no tips)) but it is a kind of tradition in Russia to give a doctor a box of chocolates or bottle of champagne if the doctor really helped you))

In Russia you can tip anyone – chief, interpreter, captains, crew etc. But only if you feel like that.