All about russian girls

Russian girls (RG) are world famous for their beauty. But it is not their main and only feature.

Let’s talk about RGs and the influence of Russian social environment on women. Of course RGs are very different and each one of them is unique. But I will use some generalizations to show you social tendencies.


Modern Russian woman:

1.”She” is getting more and more ambitious and independent. And there is a tendency for Russian girls to earn more money than men.

2.“She” still wants to get married. Mostly cause of social pressure. Of course most of people want to find true love and a soul mate but Russian girls want to get the status of being married (not necessarily because of love and not for happiness). For Russian society it is NOT important if a woman is happy or not. It is important if she is married and has kids. This is a measure of a woman’s success. If you are 30 y.o.woman and are still not married…you are a looser )) I am a looser btw))

3.There are a lot of workshops for woman which are very popular in Russia about sex, relationships and marriage. Most of them are very funny: “How to motivate your man to earn money”, “How to make love in a proper way”, “How to be a woman”, “How to lose weight and get married”, “Attract Any Man” etc.

4.When RGs go out with a guy, they would always expect him to pay.

5.RG would not even consider dating a man who earned less money than them.

6.Women spend most of their money on looking beautiful for their man.

I wanna remind you I generalize a lot! Times change and girls are different.

7.RG would appreciate it if a guy helps her with heavy bags, open doors for her, helps her to put on a coat. Feminism is not popular in Russia.

8.RG are mostly smart, prone to sacrifice, sincere and sensitive.

9.RGs are beautiful. We use A LOT OF make up and we wear high heels 24/7.

10.RGs are the best Russian export “product”. According to statistics within the last 10 years every fifth Russian woman married a foreigner. So not only are the smartest people leaving Russia but girls as well. I guess it is a really hard task for sociologists to find out what is the main reason for Russian girls wanting to get married to foreigners, and for them to work out some statistics for this question. But according to the cases I personally know, the main reason is LOVE!!!

11.RGs are strong. Emotionally. There is very famous saying in Russia (originally a part of a 19th century poem) – “A Russian woman is able to stop galloping horse and enter a burning house”. This image of heroic women is a humorous and ironic stereotype nowadays. But in general it means that Russian women can handle with very difficult problems and situations. During WWII, and some time after it, women were the main workers at all the plants and factories. After the collapse of USSR, when our country was in a mess and the economic situation was awful, most of men started to drink a lot of alcohol and could not deal with all the stress “New Russia” came with. So women mostly supported families. These are just two example of hundreds cases when Russian women influenced the situation in our country and helped their men and families survive.